Venatorx Pharmaceuticals will present ten posters featuring its two development-stage products, cefepime/VNRX-5133 and ceftibuten/VNRX-7145, at ASM Microbe 2019 to be held June 20-24 in San Francisco, CA. Venatorx will also present an overview if its antibacterial agents portfolio during the Pharma Pipeline Update, concentrating on its orally bioavailable beta-lactamase inhibitor, VNRX-7145, during the New Agents Discovery Summary Session.

Venatorx’s presentations at ASM Microbe will take place as follows:

Friday, June 21, 2019

Session 020
New Agents Discovery Summary Session: Early New Antimicrobial Agents
Title: Orally Bioavailable Beta-lactamase Inhibitor VNRX-7145
Time: 9:50am - 10:10am PT
Presenter: Daniel C. Pevear, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Biology, Venatorx Pharmaceuticals
Location: 207/208 South

Session S107
Pharma Pipeline Update: Part I
Title: Venatorx Pipeline
Time: 3:03pm – 3:14pm PT
Presenter: Christopher J. Burns, Ph.D., President and CEO, Venatorx Pharmaceuticals
Location: AAR Track Hub (Booth 5053) - Learn - Exhibit and Poster Hall

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Session P588
AAR08 - New Antimicrobial Agents (pre-Phase 2): Early Beta-Lactams and Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor Combinations
Poster Presentation | 11:00am – 1:00pm PT
Location: Exhibit and Poster Hall

  • SUNDAY - AAR-719 — Rescue of Ceftibuten Activity by the Oral Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor VNRX-7145 against Enterobacteriaceae Expressing Class A, C and/or D Beta-Lactamases. J. John, C.L. Chatwin, J.C. Hamrick, G. Moeck, D.C. Pevear.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-720 — The Orally Bioavailable Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor VNRX-7145 Restores Bactericidal Activity of Ceftibuten against Enterobacteriaceae Expressing Ambler Class A, C, and/or D Enzymes. C. Hamrick, C.L. Chatwin, K.J. John, G. Moeck, L. Xerri, D.C. Pevear.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-721 — In Vitro Activity of Ceftibuten in Combination with VNRX-7145 and Comparators against 1,066 UTI Isolates Non-Susceptible to Amoxicillin-Clavulanate and Levofloxacin. Hackel, D. Sahm.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-722 — Antimicrobial Activity of Cefepime in Combination with VNRX-5133 against a Global 2018 Surveillance Collection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Hackel, D. Sahm.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-723 — Synergy/Antagonism of Ceftibuten/VNRX-7145 in Combination with Other Commonly Used Antimicrobial Agents in Gram-Negative Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Bacteria, and Yeast.L. Chatwin, K.J. John, J.C. Hamrick, C.J. Burns, D.C. Pevear, G. Moeck.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-724 In Vitro Permeability and Metabolic Biotransformation of Oral Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor VNRX-7145 across Species.E. Trout, C.L. Chatwin, L. McLaughlin, J.C. Hamrick, G. Moeck, D.C. Pevear.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-726 — Efficacy of Ceftibuten + VNRX-7145 a Novel Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor against ESBL E. coli Strains in a Murine UTI Mode.E. Pulse, W. J. Weiss, P. Nguyen, D. Valtierra, K. Peterson, K. Carter, G. Moeck, R.E. Trout, J. Hamrick, D.C. Pevear.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-727 — Assessment of the In Vivo Pharmacodynamic Profile of Ceftibuten/VNRX-7145 Combination against Serine Beta-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae in the Neutropenic Murine Thigh Infection Model.M. Avery, K. Abdelraouf, D.P. Nicolau.
  • SUNDAY - AAR-728 Oral Bioavailability of Novel Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor VNRX-7145 in Rats, Dogs and Non-Human Primates. Pevear, R. Trout, L. McLaughlin, J. Hamrick, G. Moeck.

Session P595
CPHM02 - Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing - Test Performance for New Agents
Poster Presentation
Location: Exhibit and Poster Hall
11:00am – 1:00pm PT

  • SUNDAY - CPHM-860 — Impact of Variations in Susceptibility Testing Parameters on the In Vitro Activity of Ceftibuten in Combination with VNRX-7145. Hackel, D. Dressel, D. Sahm.