About Us

About us

VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals is a private, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of new medicines to treat drug-resistant infections.

VenatoRx About

Founded in 2010 by Drs. Burns, Xerri, and Pevear, VenatoRx has steadily grown to more than 50 scientists and drug development professionals, facilitated by funding from the National Institute of Health (NIAID), Wellcome Trust, CARB-X, DTRA and private investors. We are located approximately 30 miles outside of Philadelphia in Malvern, PA.

We are deeply committed to solving the global health problems created by the recent spread of drug-resistant infections. Our development programs are focused on serious hospital- and health-care-associated multi-drug resistant bacterial infections, as well as hard-to-treat viral infections.

The company name, VenatoRx (ven-a-TOR-ex), derives from the latin word “venator”, meaning hunter and “Rx”, the medical symbol for drugs. The pursuit, or “hunt”, for new drugs is the core mission of the company.