Expanded Access

Venatorx Pharmaceuticals (the “Company”) is focused on conducting clinical studies and obtaining regulatory approval of investigational medicines in support of its mission to develop safe and effective treatments for infectious diseases.  The best way for patients to get access to investigational medicines is by taking part in clinical trials.  Please search ClinicalTrials.gov for publicly available information related to Venatorx’s ongoing clinical trials.

It is recognized that not all patients are eligible to enroll in clinical trials. However, at this time, Venatorx is not able to offer Expanded Access (“EA”) and will not accept EA requests.

Venatorx recognizes the need for EA programs.  The Company is currently establishing the necessary processes and procedures, as well as putting in place resources and supplies so that an EA program may be established in the future.

If you have questions about Venatorx’s EA policy, please contact medinfo@venatorx.com.